What Causes Poor Water Quality? (8/7/19)

boomThe HAB crew got on a roll yesterday and had another very productive day!  Over 29,000 gallons of alum were applied to 74-acres of the Fish Lake application zone.  The project is going extremely well thanks to good weather and on-time alum deliveries.  In fact, we are over 70% done and currently running ahead of schedule.

Lakes are commonly categorized as having “good” or “poor” water quality.  What does that really mean?  What are causes, symptoms and hazards of poor water quality?  The articles below are provided to shed some light on these topics.  In general, you will learn that most symptoms of poor water quality are caused by having excessive amounts of algae in the lake.  Algae rely on the nutrient phosphorus for growth and reductions in phosphorus leads to less algae and better overall water quality.  That’s where alum comes into the picture…it is an extremely effective lake management tool for lowering the amount of phosphorus.

Symptoms of Poor Water Quality

Hazzards of Algae

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