Round Two Is Underway! (8/5/19)

barge 1bAs many of you have probably noticed, HAB Aquatic Solutions is back at Fish Lake and it’s great to be here!  HAB conducted the first of two planned alum applications in 2017 and is back to complete the second and final dose.  Phase II began on Monday, August 5th and this year’s application calls for another 95,000 gallons of alum.  We anticipate it will take five days to complete, depending on weather.

HAB spent the first day of the project preparing equipment for the application.  This included assembly of the barge’s application boom, programming the barge’s computerized dosing system, launching the barge into the lake, setting up on-shore storage tanks and confirming the delivery plan for the alum.  The application of the alum then began immediately after the equipment was ready for use and HAB applied over 10,000 gallons of alum to Fish Lake by the end of the day.

Feel free to stop by our work area at the boat launch to learn more about the benefits of alum for Fish Lake and how we apply it to the lake.  Remember to check back here for daily updates on our progress!

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